Cat yoga? Feline flow? Kitty Kundalini?

Whatever you want to call it, these small fluffy companions can create a fun and loving ambiance during your yoga practice. Here’s a few reasons why you should be doing yoga with cats (if you’re not allergic, duh!)

  • Doing yoga with cats around is not a challenge to your flexibility, but a challenge to the mind. Having a furry tail brush against your face as you are planted in down dog can sure be distracting. These physical distractions outside of our heads can help us drop deeper into our own focus. Drishti, the Sanskrit word for focus, is something us yogis should intend to practice on and off the mat.
  • How often do you get down to your kitty’s point of view? Cats love the fact that you’re at floor level with them. It’s fun for them to walk under and over the students mid-pose. These creatures emit loving energy from the sounds of their purrs.
  • A study at the State University of New York at Buffalo revealed that the presence of pets can reduce anxiety and blood pressure. The kitties have a calming effect on the students and they enjoy the peaceful environment themselves in return.

Overall, a doing yoga with your furry friends can be challenging, fun, and relaxing. Next time you kick your kitty off your mat – think again! They may want to be a part of your practice.

Pictured below is my cat Pancake. She LOVES yoga. Sometimes I can’t get her off my mat. I am now teaching out of my home studio in North Phoenix and Pancake IS available for cat yoga!

Shoot me an email at taryn@alienyoga.com to sign up for a class or request a private lesson.